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With more and more people doing it, there’s more hype around Blogging than ever before. When we’re building a web presence for new clients, sooner or later the question arises: Should my Web Site have a Blog?

Design, Social Media and Business Marketing Blog

A Blog is a content rich site (or more commonly, an area of your own web site) which allows you to post articles on a regular basis, and share them with people within your ‘network’ who you may think will benefit from them. A blog allows you to attract customers, build brand awareness, and potentially inspire more prospects to buy from you.

There are hundreds of thousands of Blogs out there, written by trainspotting enthusiasts to rocket scientists, but if you’re going to write a Blog then it’s fair to assume that you want it to benefit your business.


So, if you’re considering starting up a Business Blog, you’re probably asking yourself the following questions:

1) What type of Blog content should I publish?
2) How frequently should I write my Blog articles?
3) How can I make money with my Blog?

All very good questions, and one’s we’ll try to answer as helpfully as we can.

As an example, let’s take this Blog, which is focusing on elements of marketing both on and off-line. Like many potential Bloggers, we were quite wary of starting a Blog, and although it’s fairly new in it’s inception, we’re finding the whole process much less arduous than we’d imagined. The fact is we find it easy to write about this sort of stuff because we’ve had lots of experience with it, and (sadly, some might say) find it quite enjoyable.

So let’s start with the original question: Should my website have a Blog?

If you’ve even mildly met the criteria above, then the simple answer is Yes! Blogging should be enjoyable, and generally about things you feel comfortable talking about. It’s relatively easy to set up, and even easier to actually do (even if you’re not the best writer in the world).


Firstly, blogging can be great for your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - the average blog attracts 55% more visitors and gets indexed 434% more by search engines than a traditional website, which will undoubtedly give you more exposure than ever before. In fact, a static site without any new regular content could end up working against you in the search engine rankings.

The benefit of Blogging can be both personal and business-focused, as talking about your expertise on a regular basis will inevitably generate positive awareness of your company, make you more trustworthy, and build confidence in your brand and product appeal.

If you’ve got relevant and interesting things to say, you’ll quickly find through feedback and comments that helping clients in this way can be a real buzz. They might have something specific that they’d like explaining, and you’ll get more and more suggested topics for future posts which will keep the creativity flowing.


If you want to set up a quick blog on your own, there a few resources which can accommodate this, but the best of the bunch are generally Wordpress or Blogger. Just make sure that it’s accessible from your main web site as this helps with Search Engine Ranking and can drive more traffic to your online place of business.

It is also essential that you set up a Blogging Strategy, so that potential receivers are not bombarded with haphazard subject matter. It’s probably also a good idea to have a number of articles written prior to beginning, so that you have given yourself some well-needed lead-time.

Most importantly of all, remember to provide value. Blogging can be a great experience but you have to be willing to set specific goals and deliver value on a regular basis. If you do, over time you’ll find that blogging provides significant value to both you and your readers.


If you need any help or advice in regards to starting your own business blog, please get in touch.

Happy Blogging!!!

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