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For many start-ups and Small Businesses, the Logo Design for your company is often a rushed affair, quickly thrown together because “it's better to have something than nothing at all”. In many cases, the founding member will cobble some visuals together in Word and think that will do for the time being. Then the business process starts to pick up momentum, Business Cards and Letterheads are produced in haste, and the thought of going back and branding properly is no longer a priority.

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Of course, for some this can work out just fine, however, in the majority of instances, you’ll be stuck with a Logo and Brand Design that you’ll never quite be happy with, but have no option but to keep going as it’s now imprinted onto all of your materials and would be an extremely costly affair to start from scratch.

We can’t tell you how many potential clients have come to us in the last couple of years for a Web site, some Stationery, or a Brochure Design, and then given us the dreaded “we already have a Logo so there’s no need to worry about that” story. Unfortunately, worry we do!

In some cases, the logo was designed ‘in-house’ by an excitable Director. In others, by “a friend’s son who has a copy of photoshop”. Either way, in these instances, the job of fulfilling their design requirements and creating a relevant brand image becomes much more difficult.

If a logo was originally designed without any real knowledge of where the company intends to be, or with any other medium in mind than an interim Business Card, it’s fair to say that by the stage you really start dipping your toe into the branding waters, the existing logo will more than likely not fit in with the message.

We appreciate that when a business starts out, there’s plenty of expensive pay outs to be made that come above the need for a good Logo Design or Branding Strategy, but it’s worth remembering that the brand as a whole can stick with your company for many years to come, and prove a worthwhile investment because it’s giving the right message to the right people, from the very beginning of your business enterprise.

The process of designing a logo is probably one of the most complex, and requires thought, research and an imaginative, conceptual mind. Therefore, we would suggest that it’s always worth paying a realistic price for this extremely important phase of your company’s emergence into the business world.

Get in touch with PWD Design to see how we could help your business achieve it’s full aesthetic potential with great Logo Design, or Brand Refreshment of your existing identity. You can also view our Logo Design Portfolio to see how other clients are seeing the benefits of our design expertise.

Of course, you could ask your ‘arty neighbour’ to knock something together. You might not pay for it now, but you’ll almost certainly pay for it later.

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