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Are you looking to take your Business Marketing efforts to the next level? Have you thought about employing an Email Marketing Campaign for your business, but are being put off by the logistics of it all?

If it’s a new area to you, getting an Email Marketing Campaign off the ground can seem like a daunting prospect. How do you go about it? What software should you use to manage your campaigns? What do you write about?

Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

Over the past couple of months, we’ve had a number of clients contacting us in regards to putting this sort of marketing activity into action, and we thought it was about time we shared our advice.

The benefits of Email Marketing:

Email marketing can be of great benefit to your business if you get it right, but time and again you’ll see companies failing to get their emails noticed. A successful campaign should hopefully lead to increasing sales, but it’s also a great way of keeping your brand embedded into a potential clients consciousness and keeping you at the forefront of their mind for future opportunities.

How well your email campaign performs will depend on a number of factors, all of which can mean the difference between high click-through rates and conversions, and your email getting dumped straight into the Trash.

How many emails a day do you find winging their way to your inbox, only for you to bin them before you’ve even taken a look at what they’re offering? Think about the reasons as to why you would do this, and you’re half way to figuring out what makes for a good start when it comes to email marketing.

So here goes, our tips for starting your first Email Marketing Campaign:

Getting started:

There are plenty of online software programs that can be used to both build and personalise your emails. We use a service called Mailchimp, and it’s fantastic for first time emailer’s who want to try their hand at it without paying through the nose.

Features include:

  • it’s free (providing you don't have more than 1000 subscribers)
  • it’s simple and easy for you to use
  • you can design unlimited templates for your emails
  • it removes the uncertainty of having your email render badly in the various email programs
  • you can track everything (emails opened, click-thru’s and much more)
  • you can customise emails to be addressed a specific person (e.g. Dear David)
  • you can integrate with loads of other apps, including Facebook, Twitter and much more
  • you can access it via your mobile
  • you can easily integrate sign-up forms with your website.
Plan your campaign:

Although this might sound obvious, it’s clear from some of the drivel that ends up in your inbox that not everybody takes the time to complete this incredibly important step.

Every email you send should be specifically targeted for one purpose, preferably along with some kind of call to action. This could be anything from simply asking the receiver to visit your website, filling in an online survey, or emailing you back with some kind of information.

For instance, most of our PWD emails are purely marketing focused, and go out with the intention of getting the user to read our latest blog article. There’s a fair chance that if you're reading this, you received an email to advertise the fact that it was now on our website, meaning that the email has done it’s job.


Knowing what to write in your email campaigns is almost as tricky as putting them together in the first place. Probably the easiest advice we could give is to consider what it is you can offer your readers and why they would want to open it in the first place. Basically, if you can promise the user that they’ll get something out of it, there’s a fair chance they’ll delve deeper and not just cast it aside.

There’s the option to advertise special offers or important events within your company that deserve shouting about. You could offer advice and information, alert readers to a new service, or simply tailor your emails to coincide with special events throughout the year.

The golden rule however is to keep your email relevant to the receiver. This may mean doing more than one batch of emails and splitting your list, but hopefully the benefits will be worthwhile.

For more tips on content, please read our blog article about Writing Copy for your Website

General Email Tips:
  • Include some imagery in your email where possible. This will serve to break up and text heavy content in your email, and obviously brighten the whole thing up and make it more attractive to the reader. It's all well and good having an informative email in the making, but creating something ugly will do just as good a job at getting it binned!

  • Always give your reader the option to opt out of receiving emails. This does not necessarily mean you will lose them as a customer, but it’s an essential part of the process. if someone feels like they want to stop your emails from you, but can’t find a way to do this, they’re not going to be very happy, and potentially report you for it. Give them the easy option and it’ll mean less hassle in the long run for you.

  • Check your subscriber list… ‘bouncers’ will need to be removed, old contacts may change their email and new contacts will almost certainly come along. Keeping on top of this will improve your open rates and give you a better idea of your audience.

Sending your customers and potential clients an email is all well and good, but if they’re riddled with errors and broken elements you’re not going to be doing your businesses reputation any favours. It’s always a good idea to send yourself a test email first, and check the following:

  • The subject line is correct - make it punchy and instigate curiosity
  • Personalisation is added and is correct
  • Relevant dates (e.g. deadlines, expiries) are all still correct
  • Calls to action are present and working
  • Your website address is included and functioning properly
  • All of your links work as they should
  • Spelling and grammar is correct
  • Images are present and sitting in the right position
  • Your company details and registration number are present and correct
  • Unsubscribe options are present.


We wish you all the success with your email marketing campaign, but of course, if you need any further advice, information or design input into your email effort, please do not hesitate to contact PWD Design and we’ll be glad to help.

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