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Do you feel that the copy on your website is detracting from the overall experience for your visitors?

When we’re commissioned to build a company website, it’s fairly common for our clients to have neglected to fully consider the content they want to include in their online business presence. The copy on your website can quickly mean the difference between whether a visitor stays or leaves, and it deserves the same sort of attention you devote to the rest of the build process.

By following a few simple guidelines, you too can create clear, user friendly website copy which will keep your visitors coming back time and again:

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1) What are you trying to achieve?

Although writing copy for a website needs to be approached in a completely different manner to that of writing copy for most other purposes, this first point actually applies across the board.

Before you start to write, think carefully about exactly what you’re attempting to achieve with your piece. Is it trying to sell? Do you want to educate? Or are you looking for a nice balance of the two? Once you’ve got a clear idea of the end result, you’ll be better able to articulate what it is you’re trying to say.

Design, Social Media and Business Marketing Blog

2) Who are your target audience?

Once you’ve figured out what you’re trying to achieve with your copy, you then need to think about who you are ultimately writing for. This will also depend on the platform you are using.

For instance, the style we’re using in the this blog would not be suitable for the likes of Facebook. But then when we write for Facebook, that wouldn’t necessarily be suitable for Twitter. Different platforms mean different limitations, and ultimately, a different audience.This may mean that you have the task of rephrasing and rewording your copy depending on the method you’re using.

Design, Social Media and Business Marketing Blog

3) Is your copy punchy?

Research suggests that internet users generally have a much shorter attention span than readers of print material, so it pays to keep your copy concise.

Readers are probably scanning your copy, and generally looking through your page for specific key points. Long-winded text could well put your readers off altogether.

Design, Social Media and Business Marketing Blog

4) Is the text Scannable?

Because it’s fair to assume that only a portion of your text will be read, it’s also important to consider writing and presenting your text in a scannable format

This means breaking your copy up into manageable sized chunks, including descriptive headers and sub-headers, bullet-pointing lists, and highlighting key terms using a bold or italic typeface.

You can also use relevant imagery to split your paragraphs and take the monotony away from the look of the page. This will inevitably lead to your visitors being able to pick out the parts of the text that are relevant to their needs.

Design, Social Media and Business Marketing Blog

5) What are the constraints?

Unless it's of a ‘fixed-height’ design, your website in itself may not necessarily have any constraints within which you need to work, however other platforms you use to market and network will almost certainly impose some kind of limit.

The most obvious of these at present is Twitter, where you must keep any communication to under 140 characters, meaning that you will need to think more creatively about how you present your copy to the online world.

Design, Social Media and Business Marketing Blog

6) Can you keep it fresh?

Updating areas of your website to include fresh content not only satisfies a search engines needs, but also means that providing you can write copy which is valuable to your visitors, they will revisit your site in the future to see if there is new interesting content for them to digest.

Portfolio’s and recent news sections or blogs are ideal for this purpose and should be utilised if at all possible.

Design, Social Media and Business Marketing Blog

If you require any assistance with writing copy for your website, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction, or provide you with details of a reliable copywriter.

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