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According to the experts, the recession is now officially over. But with so many smaller businesses either going under, sitting on the brink of collapse or still feeling the effects, it’s going to take a while for companies to recover fully and begin seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Marketing through a Recession

So, how did your business fare during the long recession?

From our perspective in the Graphic and Web Design world, things seemed particularly slow at the beginning of 2009, and fairly up and down during the Spring. Thankfully, things seemed to pick up significantly in the summer, when new businesses began emerging on a more frequent basis as redundancy pushed people into trying their hand at entrepreneurship, and small companies realised the need to market themselves a little more in order to bring in custom.

On the marketing front, we have tried out a few different methods over the past 12 months to promote the company, with varied results:

Targeted mailshot:

We created a promotional postcard, accompanied with a letter, and began posting these to relevant local business who had no web presence in place. Due to the grand scale of the effort, this is still an ongoing process, but has already yielded a couple of interested parties, and seems to be a mildly successful venture.

Business Directories:

Our listings within free online business directories such as, BT Tradespace, and FreeIndex has bought in one or two enquiries, which does go to show that these can be effective, despite their popular appeal among small businesses.


Like so many small businesses, we only have a limited marketing budget, but we did opt to take a paid advertisement in the Yellow Pages Directory (the printed book version), which came out in September 2009. We’ve only received one enquiry from this in four months, so perhaps this is one that we’ll have to leave next year, but of course there’s still the rest of next year to evaluate this. It would be interesting to see if people are still using this service when it’s presumed that the majority of consumers are turning to online means.

Christmas Cards:

We’ve just posted some bespoke designed Christmas Cards to all our clients and business contacts. Although this may seem a little archaic, the main thing for us was to refresh our contact with our previous clients with a nice personal touch. If it happens to push some new design work in our direction then that would be a bonus.


As you can see, the idea to start a blog is fairly new, and we’re still learning about the technologies involved, but we hope that this will provide information for existing clients as much as generate interest in our services and new business. Watch this space!

So, that’s it for this year. We’re always looking for new marketing opportunities and discovering ways to interact with our customers and potential clients, so let us know what you’re doing to market your business, and how successful you've been with the various mediums.

You never know, perhaps with a little conversation we could help each other find new ways to promote our services or work together to influence potential customers with shared links and swapped advertising!

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