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Your potential customers are being influenced by it…

More and more web users are steadily becoming acquainted with the Social Media Marketing platforms. Many may not have the direct potential of becoming business customers, but the ‘networking’ aspect of the concept means that they may know someone who could be, and by being on their radar, you have more chance of being introduced to them than those businesses who are ‘invisible’ on line.

The fact is that many people are increasingly using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, reading informative Blogs and listening to Podcasts, and generally doing their research online to make informed decisions about their purchasing needs or lifestyle habits. And with recommendations playing such a big part in bringing in new business to small companies, having these instant ways to connect can make the difference between your company being chosen over a competitor.

Smart organisations are with the Social Media Program…

The countries biggest news organisations such as the BBC, Sky, The Telegraph and The Times, all the way through to your Local Newspaper have made Social Media fundamental to how they learn and how they report their news. If it’s good enough for their information gathering and sharing, then it really should be good enough for the rest of us.

Most small and medium-sized companies are still not using it…

As many of us can attest to, there are few opportunities in life to get the jump on your competitors. Building Social Media contacts and networking opportunities takes time, and there’s still a small window of opportunity for you and your business to create a competitive advantage over those that are going to leave it very late in the day to jump on the bandwagon. Just a few hours a week means you can start to build your Social Media foundations now, so that when the future inevitably catches up with you, your business will be one step ahead of the competition.

Your smartest Competitors are already using it…

We suspect that you’re already keeping an eye on your competition. And we’re guessing that a fairly reasonable proportion of them are dipping their toe into the Social Media waters.

Small businesses such as Interior Designers and Carpenters, through to Law Firms and Recruitment Agencies are employing Blogs, Podcasts, Video’s and Business Social Networking communities such as LinkedIn and Qype to demonstrate their expertise and trustworthiness. By integrating your business into this world, you too can market yourself in new and exciting ways that will appeal to the internet reliant consumer.

It will aid your online searchability…

Have you done a Google search for your name, or business name recently? if you haven’t, we'd advise that you do so. When other’s are searching specifically for you online, what will they find? If you do a search in Google for ‘PWD Design’ you’ll find on page one that a direct link to our website appears, along with profiles for us on Facebook, LinkedIn, IT Professionals and FreeIndex. A potential customer therefore has a number of platforms at their disposal to view our company profile.

Not only this, but on a broader search query the listings for us which appear on Facebook and LinkedIn are likely to gain much more prominence in the listings than that of our direct website link. Generally, all of your Social Media profiles are going to add your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Ranking, all for free.

It can be your most cost effective marketing strategy…

Traditional advertising methods will inevitably cost a fair amount of money - money which many small businesses will find eating up a large chunk of their marketing budgets. The financial investment needed to create a Blog, or promoting your services on a consumer site such as BT Tradespace can be close to nothing.

Your main outlay is going to be the time devoted to creating a marketing strategy, that will essentially provide valuable information to existing clients and future prospects. If writing isn’t really your strongest suit, this may mean that you’ll need to bring in a blog writer, but as long as you are providing a good brief, this shouldn’t work out too expensive. In some cases, you can even ‘invite’ professional bloggers to write something for you, and in many cases the extra promotional marketing is enough for them to get involved for free.

The marketing strategies of yesteryear are less effective now…

Traditional advertising and marketing methods being used just a few years ago are no longer as effective as they were. With Internet technology continually developing, buyer behaviour is leaning more and more towards the online medium, and even if your services aren’t something that can be physically purchased over the web, driving potential users towards your online profiles, and furthermore your website, can offer exactly what potential customers are looking for.

Demonstrating knowledge in your field, and proving that you a reliable supplier with recommendations and testimonials can make all the difference to whether or not you make that all-important ‘sale’. A regular blog may just be what you need to prove that your business or service is the best solution for your consumer’s problems.

Not convinced?

So do you still believe that making an investment in Social Media marketing tools and communities is a waste of time and effort? Well, we believe that the main problem for small businesses could be in wasting too much time sitting on the sidelines while others prosper from these potentially powerful methods.

If you would like further information, or just a general chat about how to break your business into the world of Social Media, please get in touch with PWD Design to find out how we could help.

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