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The need for a company website is something that we’re always working very hard to help make new small businesses, and in many cases established firms, aware of.

Generally, when small business owners contemplate getting their company online there are two common misconceptions:

my company’s services are not marketable online
a website for my business will cost me a small fortune.

It’s fair to say that both of these are wide of the mark.

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Marketing in tough times...

In today’s tough economic climate, it is imperative for your business to be accessible to the widest possible audience, and there is no easier or more reliable way to achieve this than having an online presence.

At the very least, a Business Website is a reliable way for your customers to quickly and easily find out more about your business and the products or services you have to offer. Since many consumers now search for information onlineĀ prior to making a decision that will cost them money, your site may be the only chance you have at making a good impression on a potential buyer. quote the following:
“...of those who have taken the initiative and launched a website to support their business, 40 per cent claim it helps drive at least some of their orders or customer queries...”

Although these figures may not sound mind-blowing, you can see the benefit that even a Basic Website could make to a business. At the very least, if a potential customer can connect with your services via the internet, the chances are that they’ll choose to contact you over a company next door that doesn’t have one, simply because you’ve made the effort to get a little more information out there to the public.

A professional online presence...

That said, it’s not enough to simply have a website. A professional looking site will enable your company to stand out from the crowd and be taken seriously in an ever-competitive marketplace.

So, to all small business owners we say this: getting your company online needn’t cost the earth, but could provide a welcome source of clients for years to come. If you are a small UK business owner, please get in touch with PWD Design if this is something that interests you and you think we could be of assistance. You can also take a look at our Web Design Portfolio.

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