We are highly motivated and believe in efficient, succinct and powerful visual communication, combined with the traditional aspects of Design such as typography and composition.

With our Professional Design Services we believe in the process: organisation, design simplicity, and most of all, hard, honest graft!

Yes, we’re creative. Yes, we like to make things look nice. But in this day and age is that really enough? We don’t necessarily think so.

A logo isn’t just a symbol with your business name slapped on it, it’s an extension of your company’s values, and should be approached with care and attention. Brand familiarity generates trust, which in turn makes the task of selling your product or service in the future much easier. Of course your website should provide information, but it must also convey personality and help your visitors to realise that you really are the best solution for their needs.

We strongly believe in functional design, and the importance of strategic marketing. In essence, you have a message, which needs to be effectively relayed to your target market in order to make a connection. Great Business Graphic Design can sell a product, and give your organization shape and definition.

Work with us, and you will discover that we are down to earth, informative, reliable, and above all else, an indispensable source for all of your creative requirements.

Professional Design Services



As you will hopefully appreciate, each Design Project undertaken is different, however we like to use a standard working process in order to get the job done.

This enables our clients to know exactly where they stand at every stage of the process, and make sure that it is progressing in keeping with your timeline. Consequently, both parties will know exactly what to expect from each other and your Design Project can hopefully be a painless and enjoyable experience.

Step 1: Initial Briefing, Quote and Contract
Step 2: Concept Generation and First Proofs
Step 3: Final Concept Agreement
Step 4: Implementation

Step 1: Initial briefing and quote

To begin with, we’ll hopefully be able to set up a meeting so we can go over the project brief. This isn’t mandatory, and may even be geographically impossible, but if it’s an option we’ll certainly try to arrange a face-to-face discussion.

At the meeting (or telephone briefing) we’ll want to know who you are, where you and your business are at the moment, and ultimately where you want to be. It’s also nice to hear your own ideas about the project before we jump in with our own ideas, but don’t worry if you don’t have any, that’s what we’re here for!

After this initial meeting⁄briefing, we’ll need a short amount of time to generate a price for you. If you agree with our Design Quote, we’ll write up a Client Assurance Contract, which will clarify any timeframes involved, and explain exactly what Professional Design Services you will be paying for and any schedules we may have agreed. This will need to be signed and returned to us, along with any agreed project deposit. Unfortunately, we are unable to start the project until this Contract has been signed, and a deposit has been received.

Step 2: Concept Generation and Prototypes

With all information safely stored, we will briefly undertake some background research. How can we best attract your target market, and what appeals to them? What are your competitors doing and how can we exceed their efforts?

When we have completed our research, we’ll begin the project in earnest. First up, ideas! We’ll mess about with concepts and layouts (usually on paper) and when we think that we’ve got enough to work with, we’ll make these into more client-friendly computer generated formats.

Once our first draft concepts are ready, we’ll send them through to you on a pdf so you can take some time to look at them and provide feedback. This is where you can ask us any questions you may have about the concepts, suggest amendments to the layouts, or provide further ideas you may have thought of.

This can be a fairly intricate process, but once the ball is rolling, and you have visuals in front of you, you’ll find that the creativity starts to flow more freely and the ideas of what you like and dislike will become clearer.

Step 3: Final Concept Agreement

As mentioned above, this process could take some time - sometimes it’s quite quick, other times it’s a little long-winded - but we should eventually arrive at a final concept, which you will need to sign off and give the go-ahead to implement to your Website or Print materials accordingly.

Step 4: Implementation

With the concepts and layouts agreed, we will then take these through to their final form. This may mean downloading agreed imagery, and generally tidying any outstanding elements, or building a Website to mirror the agreed Design.

You will then receive a final proof of the work, or be able to view your site via our own server link. Any final amendments can be made, and then the final piece will need to be signed off before we can send it to print or launch it on the web. In some cases, we may ask you to pay the balance of the project before the site can be uploaded, or a design is sent to print.

Printed pieces will then of course be delivered, and you can begin using your new designs.