Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

What is the initial process to starting a Print Business Graphic Design project?

All print-based Business Graphic Design projects are unique, but have an underlying theme running through them. We would use our normal processes in order to get the project completed, and then tailor this according to the particular pieces being produced.

Firstly, we will call you to discuss your requirements, and if at all possible, arrange a face-to-face meeting so we can sit down and run over the whole process in greater detail, and take a design brief from you. From there, we can supply you with an accurate quote.

Providing this is satisfactory to you, we would ask you to pay an agreed deposit amount, sign our contract, and from there the graphic design process can begin. For more details on this, please see our Design Process page.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

What is the design process?

We have a standard process involved in most of the Business Graphic Design projects we undertake, although obviously this usually needs to be tailored to the kind of job being completed. Please see our Design Process page for more information.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

Do we need to meet?

We always aim to meet our new clients at least once. This isn’t mandatory by any means, and in some cases may be almost impossible, but we feel it adds a little more familiarity to the whole experience of working together.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

What kind of costs should I expect?

Costs vary with each project we undertake, as every project has different requirements, and most of the time we base our prices on the time is it will take to complete your project. We always aim to be transparent with our pricing, through every step of every project, so that the client can see just where their budget is being spent and why.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

How long will my Busines Graphic Design Project take?

Every project is different. As a general rule however, you can envisage the following timeframe approximations for:

Logo Design: 1-2 weeks
Stationery Design: 1 week
Corporate Identity Design (Logo, Stationery): 3 weeks
Brochure Design: 3-4 weeks (based on 30 page brochure)
Folder Design: 2 weeks
Flyer Design: 1-2 weeks
Newsletter Design: 1-2 weeks

The time frames take into account any to-ing and fro-ing with amends and design tweaks, but do not incorporate print lead times which can vary depending on the complexity of the design project.

Timeframes also rely on the client - the quicker you can come back to us with feedback, image choices and text, the quicker we’ll be able to get your designs completed for you. We will be happy to provide a more definitive timeline should you require it, and although we’d prefer not to, we can step these times up should you be in any particular rush.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

I already have a Corporate Identity / Logo. Can you amend this for us?

We always look to help you achieve your goals no matter how your brand currently stands. Let us know your requirements and ambitions, and we will let you know how we can help.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

I already have a Corporate Identity / Logo. Can you use this for new materials?

Yes. In the case of using an existing logo for new materials we would require that all of the original artwork elements be supplied to us in the required formats. Contact us and we’ll tell you what we’d need to get your new project moving.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

Do you have design samples I can see?

Yes of course. We have worked in the Creative Industry for many years, and have a number of successfully completed projects under our belt. Take a look at our Graphic Design Portfolio for a more indepth look at our previous work. We can also bring printed samples with us to meetings upon request.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

Can you source print production for us?

Our many years in the Business Graphic Design industry means that we have a number of printer contacts who provide reliable and quality print services. We are more than happy to source competitive print quotes for your projects should you require it, and deal with the whole print process for you. This means that we’ll get your artwork over to them, arrange for proofs to be sent for your approval, and manage the schedule and final delivery details so you can worry about the more important issues of running your day-to-day business.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

What are your payment terms?

We ask for a non-refundable deposit to be paid prior to beginning the project, followed by full payment once the designs are delivered. In some cases we may ask that full payment is made upon delivery of printed materials. Otherwise, a standard 30 day invoice term applies. Late payment fee’s may be added in the event of delayed settlement.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

Who owns the rights to the completed graphic designs?

On settlement of the agreed fee, we pass all ownership rights to you - we do however ask that you allow us to display the works promotional purposes, either on our website or via printed means.

Business Graphic Design Agencies Questions

What happens if it doesn’t work out?

We take pride in being able to provide Graphic Design Solutions that will live up to, and hopefully surpass your expectations. Design is a process, and it may take a number of refinements from the initial concept in order to reach the finished piece.

If our initial concepts are not deemed suitable, we will of course go back to the drawing board and submit further designs until we start to get on track. Most of our projects are taken on a fixed fee basis so you will not generally be charged extra for this, or any other design amends and refinements we make in order to reach the finished product.

If however, secondary concepts are presented and these are still considered unworkable in any form, we’d look to sit down with all parties and have an honest discussion about the situation. This is generally a very rare occurrence.

It would only be in the most extreme of circumstances that the project would be deemed unsalvageable. In this unlikely instance, we would retain the initial deposit payment to cover the time invested in the creation of design concepts, but other than this you will be free to walk away and look at alternative options.

We are continually endeavouring to improve our services and welcome any comments you may have in regards to this. If you would like to hear how our previous clients have rated their experiences with us, please see our Client Testimonials section.